Thursday 3 September 2020

Book ~ "The End of Her" (2020) Shari Lapena

From Goodreads ~ In upstate New York, Stephanie and Patrick are adjusting to life with their colicky twin babies. The girls are a handful but Stephanie doesn't mind being a stay-at-home mom, taking care of them while Patrick does the nine-to-five to pay the bills.

When a woman from Patrick's past drops in on them unexpectedly, raising questions about his late first wife, Stephanie supports her husband wholeheartedly. She knows the car accident all those many years ago was just that - an accident. But Erica is persistent and now she's threatening to go to the police.

Patrick is afraid his job - and his reputation - will be at risk if he doesn't put an end to Erica's questioning immediately. And when the police start digging, Stephanie's trust in her husband begins to falter and Patrick is primed to lose everything he loves. As their marriage crumbles, Stephanie feels herself coming unglued and soon she isn't sure what - or who - to believe. Now the most important thing is to protect her girls but at what cost?

Stephanie and Patrick are parents to six-month-old twins who have colic ... so Stephanie and Patrick are exhausted all the time.  This is Patrick's second marriage ... his first wife, Lindsay, had passed away about ten years ago in an accident while pregnant.  Erica, Lindsay's good friend, appears in their lives wanting money and threatening to go to the police to say that she and Patrick had been having an affair and that Patrick had murdered Lindsay.  Patrick admits to sleeping with Erica a couple times but swears that Lindsay's death was an accident.   At first Stephanie supports Patrick but when he is arrested for Lindsay's murder, Stephanie starts to doubt her love and trust for her husband.

I liked this book and as with this author's other books, there's always a weird twist at the end, which I'm not sure I was buying them in this one.  I was okay with the epilogue.  I liked the writing style ... it's written in third person perspective with a focus on wherever the action is.  As a head's up, there is swearing.

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