Sunday 27 September 2020

Lakefront Promenade Park, Mississauga, ON

It's a gorgeous day ... sunny and warm.  So Gord and I headed to Lakefront Promenade Park in Mississauga (about a 25 minute drive west of us) to go for a walk.  We've never been there so thought we'd check it out.

We parked on the east side.

These four had just played volleyball nearby and jumped in the water to wash off the sand.  Apparently the water was cold because they were in and out pretty quickly.

We headed west ... here's the Lakefront Promenade Marina.

 Heading west we came upon the beach.

The guys were playing kayak polo.

 There was a paddle board yoga class going on.

We kept following the trail.

Hey Gord!

There's the Lakefront Promenade Lighthouse.

Lots of boats in the Port Credit Yacht Club.

There's downtown Toronto in the hazy distance.

Here are Gord and I ...

Heading back ...

Back along the beach ...

It's a nice park and we'll be back!

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Teresa said...

Wasn't it just the best weather this weekend! Perfect for being outside taking advantage of every bit on sun. Looks like a lovely park.