Wednesday 23 September 2020

8 Ink Tattoos Inc., Markham, ON

September 23 update

The teal ink bled again and I let Angie know right away.  She said she would check with her boss to see what to do about it ... and I haven't heard back.  So I'm not happy or impressed with their service.

I imagine the two options are ... (1) recoloring the tattoo with another colour and hope it does bled or (2) outline the tattoo with another colour to cover the bleeding.  I don't want to do either option.  

So I've gone to a tattoo removal firm and started the process of having the bleeding lasered out.


August 30:

I got a couple tattoos at the beginning of August at 8 Ink Tattoos Inc in Pacific Mall.  They guarantee to fix anything within three months.  I went this afternoon for some touch-ups with Angie.

The heart had some thin spots so Angie made them thicker.

The teal ink had bled so let Angie know right away.  She said she could fix it.  Well, she couldn't fix it.  A couple suggestions she had were to outline it in a different colour (I didn't want it outlined) or tattoo a water colour over it to hide the bleeding.  I didn't want that either.  I suggested that she widen the lines to colour over the ink bleeding.  I didn't want to do this either but I didn't know what else to do.  She said she would use a different size needle so the ink wouldn't bled.  Guess what?  It bled again!

The ink is teal (it looks darker than it is) 

Here are me and Angie afterwards.


August 3, 2020

I've been wanting to get a couple more tattoos for a while.  I was going to get them when I got back from vacation with my sister in April ... but then COVID hit.  Our vacation was cancelled and most businesses closed.

Tattoo shops were allowed to open under Stage 2 last month in Toronto so I sent an email to a couple local shops.  They responded asking what I wanted but I didn't hear back from them to commit.

A friend posted on Instagram that she had gotten a tattoo from Angie, a friend of hers who works at 8 Ink Tattoos Inc in Pacific Mall.  I messaged back and forth last night with Angie and made appointment for noon today.

And there's Angie ...

I wanted these tattoos, though I changed the colours:

Ta -da!!

She made the paw pads into hearts and
I wanted the heart with a solid
rather than dashed lines


Teresa said...

Nice work. Enjoy your ink.

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Love them! My old tattoos need some touching up.