Friday 24 July 2020

Pennies, Toronto, ON

Gord and I had supper this evening at Pennies (on Strachan Avenue/Adelaide Street W).

Before they let you inside, they give you the rules ... you have to wear a mask when you're inside (to go to the washroom), there is a $2 per person charge (to pay for sterilization supplies), one bill per table, etc.  All the servers were wearing masks.

Then when we were seated at a picnic table, Tina, our server, told us the rules again.

I ordered some rosé.

Sliders and tater tots are all they serve.  They aren't taking individual slider orders ... you have to order the combo (three sliders and tater tots for $17.99) or a plate of tater tots.

Gord ordered bacon cheeseburger, two Harlem chopped cheese steak and a corn dog.

Bacon cheeseburger
Harlem chopped cheese steak
Corn dog

I ordered Montreal chien (hot dog), creamy garlic fried chicken and hamburger.

Montreal chien
Creamy garlic fried chicken

All were really good (even the tater tots) and we'd get them again.

Tina was friendly and took good care of us.

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