Friday 24 July 2020

Book ~ "Lattes, Ladyfingers, and Lies" (2016) Harper Lin

From Goodreads ~ Fran is anticipating her trip to Italy with Matty… until a precious diamond ring is stolen from the town’s jewelry store and an employee is murdered. Fran suspects the storeowner of insurance fraud, but what if she’s wrong? Would her life be at stake again if she butts in on another police investigation?

Francesca is in her mid-thirties and worked in New York for many years in PR.  She moved back home to run the family Italian café in a small town in Massachusetts when her mother passed away a couple months ago.

A jewelry store across the street from Fran's café was robbed one night and Georgina, an employee, was killed during the break-in.  The robber/killer only stole one thing ... a $50,000 ring.  Fran is curious so goes over to talk with Dean, the owner.  Because she has a reputation of solving murders, he asks her to investigate and, though she is heading to Italy next week on vacation with her boyfriend, Matt, of course, she does.  There are many who could have robbed the store and killed Georgina.

This is the fourth in the Cape Bay Cafe Mystery Series (I've read the first three) by this author ... it works as a stand alone (you don't have to read the others to know what's going on).  It is written in first person perspective in Fran's voice.  The "whodunnit" and ending came together really quickly (as always).  Fran solves the mystery on day three, ahead of the police (as always), which is unbelievable considering she is just a café owner.

I keep reading them because they are a quick light read.  It is a "cozy mystery" so there is no swearing, violence or adult activity.  Fran has been dating Matt for a couple months and in this book, there is finally some kissing.  I'm assuming there is more going on considering they are heading to Italy for two weeks.

There are recipes at the end.

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