Friday 10 July 2020

The Heartbreak Chef, Toronto, ON

We had a power blackout last Friday night so we sat outside with some of our neighbours, had a drink and chatted.  The chat turned to fried chicken and Andrew and Nonna said how good the fried chicken is at the Heartbreak Chef (Queen Street W/Brock Avenue in Parkdale).  It's been in our heads all week so that's where Gord and I picked up supper this evening.

We both got three-piece fried chicken dinners ... the dinner came with tator tots and cole slaw.  The chicken is boneless and there are two sauces for it ... buffalo and jerk.  Gord got his with no sauce and I got jerk sauce on the side.  I'm glad I did ... I love jerk sauce and this was too spicy.  I'm not a fan of cole slaw so gave mine to Gord and he said it was really good.  The tator tots were fun ... they were a bit spicy (but in a good way).  The chicken is boneless and tasty.  I dipped mine in the creamy Frank's Red Hot and it was good.  There was lots of food and we both have leftovers for tomorrow.

Jerome was friendly and chatty.  Thanks, Jerome!