Sunday 28 June 2020

Humber Bay Park East, Toronto, ON

This afternoon I drove to Humber Bay Park East and went for a walk.  It was sunny and warm (29C but felt like 32C) and felt nice to get outside.  This is a great park and it's been a couple years since I've been.

I did the loop around the park and everything is so green and lush.  There were lots of people out and about and most were social distancing.

Air India 182 Memorial
Hard to believe that just a couple years ago these were all no-tell motels
Looking east towards downtown, which was hazy
Lots were out enjoying the water
I sat on this bench for awhile and looked towards downtown
I watched this guy and his buddy for a while ...
he had a dog on his paddle board and none of them ended up in the water!
The beach was popular
I sat on these rocks for a while

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