Saturday 6 June 2020

Budapest Park and Marilyn Bell Park, Toronto, ON

It was warm and sunny this morning so I went for a 12km walk along King Street W to Budapest Park to Marilyn Bell Park and then back along King Street W to home.

When I was at Budapest Park, there were geese, ducks, etc. and I hung out for a while with them.  It was nice to spend time by the water.

It was good to see people are back on the water.

These flowers were pretty and there was a busy bee on one of them.

I headed east and saw these guys when I was at Marilyn Bell Park and hung out there for a while.

The sun kept going in behind the clouds and it would get dark
These were cute babies when I was there a couple weeks ago ...
they are starting to look like adults
There were babies

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Teresa said...

What wonderful weather! Nice to get out and enjoy some fresh air.