Monday 15 June 2020

Book ~ "Italian Iced" (2018) Kylie Logan

When Laurel Inwood features Italian cuisine on the Terminal at the Tracks menu, she knows she'll need to stock the shelves, the fridge, and the freezer with plenty of wonderful delicacies. She just never expected one of them to be her former employer, Hollywood superstar Meghan Cohan.

And one day, when Laurel is at the restaurant early to get ready for the regular rush of customers, that's exactly what she finds - Meghan dead in the Terminal freezer.

What's a Hollywood A-lister doing in Hubbard, Ohio?

For Laurel, that's the real question, because the first question she'd ask in any other murder investigation - who would want the victim dead? - seems pretty much a no-brainer in this case.

Who would want Meghan dead?

Just about anybody who had ever met her.

When Laurel was fired as the personal chef to megastar, Meghan Cohan, last year, she had nowhere else to go so headed to a small town in Ohio to help Sophie, her aunt, run her restaurant while she had knee surgery.  She had originally intended to find another job and get outta there ASAP but has realized she is happy with her quieter new life ... she has a house, a boyfriend and she enjoys working with Sophie.

So it's quite a shock to discover to discover her house and the kitchen at the restaurant ransacked and Meghan is dead in the restaurant's freezer.  Everyone who was in Meghan's life is in the area ... her ex-husband, her teenage son, her son's caregiver, her assistant, etc.  Meghan wasn't the nicest person so all could have murdered her.  With the help of her boyfriend, Declan and town police chief, Meghan sets out to find out who hated Meghan enough to kill her.

Though this is the third in the Ethnic Eats series (I've read all three) by this author, it works as a stand alone.  It is written in first person perspective in Laurel's voice.  It's a "cozy mystery" so there is no swearing, violence or adult activity.  I thought story and writing were okay but the "whodunnit" and the "why" were a bit convoluted and I wasn't really buying it.

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