Thursday 23 January 2020

Freezerland NFLD INC., Brampton, ON

I came across Freezerland NFLD INC. on Instagram and have been following them for a while.  I had a seminar to conduct in Brampton today, not far from Freezerland, so stopped in on my way home (they are in a plaza on Strathearn Avenue).

They carry Newfoundland specialty products ... and I'm from the east coast ... so I was curious to see what they had.  They carry food, clothing, books, music, knickknacks and more!  As soon as I walked in, I could smell fish cakes cooking.

What part of Newfoundland are you from?
Scrunchions and fat
Cod loins
Cod tongues and cheeks
Smoked caplan
Lots of sweets!
Dough for dinner rolls and toutons

Here's what I bought ... a couple packages of Nova Scotia cod loins, a bottle of Wildly Delicious Newfoundland Screech Rum BBQ Sauce and a couple bags of Lays chips (Fries 'n Gravy flavoured and Roast Chicken flavored); and Nova Scotia crab cakes, dough for toutons and scrunchions for Gord.

Ken was working the cash (he's from Cornerbrook, NF, and has been living in Toronto for about 50 years).  He was friendly and we had a nice chat.

I'll be back!

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Teresa said...

I want to go there!