Saturday 24 October 2015

Book ~ "Extraordinary Everyday Photography: Awaken Your Vision to Create Stunning Images Wherever You Are" (2012) Brenda Tharp and Jed Manwaring

From Goodreads ~ Get inspired to discover the beautiful images around you.

 Photographers are born travelers. They’ll go any distance to capture the right light, beautiful landscapes, wildlife and people. But exotic locales aren’t necessary for interesting photographs. Wonderful images are hiding almost everywhere; you just need to know how to find them. 

"Extraordinary Everyday Photography" will help you search beyond the surface to find the unexpected wherever you are, be it a downtown street, a local park, or your own front lawn. 

Authors Brenda Tharp and Jed Manwaring encourage amateur photographers to slow down, open their eyes and respond to what they see to create compelling images that aren’t overworked. Through accessible discussions and exercises, readers learn to use composition, available light, color and point of view to create stunning photographs in any environment. 

Inspiring photo examples from the authors, taken with DSLRs, compact digital cameras, and even iPhones, show that it is the photographer's eye and creative vision - not the gear - that make a great image.

I've got three cameras and tend to take a lot of pictures ... sometimes I get serious and try to take photographs.  I always have my point-and-shoot camera in my bag.

I like reading books about photography because it sparks my interest to take photographs and I find it interesting to see what catches the eyes of professionals and how they do it.

This book has ten chapters:
  1. Finding fresh vision
  2. The moment of perception
  3. Discovering pictures where you live
  4. Expanding the creative process
  5. Capturing everyday moments
  6. Finding your point of view
  7. Creating strong compositions
  8. Exploring the light around you
  9. Photographing the dusk and dawn
  10. Photographing the night around you

This book isn't a technical how-to book.  It is assumed you know how to adjust your aperture and shutter speed, etc.  This book is get you thinking more creatively ... to step out of your box and see things differently.  At the end of the chapters there are exercises.  There are lots of colour pictures in the chapters illustrating what the authors were talking about along with the specs under them (the lens, aperture and shutter speed used).  I thought the pictures were creative and gave me ideas ... as I said, it's good to see what professionals do.  I tend to like taking pictures on angles and using framing.

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