Sunday 11 October 2015

Book ~ "The Dogist: Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs" (2015) Elias Weiss Friedman

From Goodreads ~ "The Dogist" is a beautiful, funny and inspiring tribute to the beloved dogs in our lives. Every page presents dog portraits that command our attention. 

Whether because of the look in a dog’s eyes, its innate beauty, or even the clothes its owner has dressed it in, the photos will make you ooh and aah, laugh, and fall in love. 

Photographed by Elias Weiss Friedman, aka The Dogist, every portrait in the book tells a story and explores the dog’s distinct character and spirit. 

The Dogist is a photo-documentary series about the beauty of dogs.  It was created in October 2013. In the last year, the series has traveled to over 20 cities around the world.  This book is a collection of those pictures.

The author has always had an interest in dogs and photography so eventually combined those two interests.  He started photographing 20 to 30 dogs a day and developed a signature style of focusing on the dogs' eyes.

There are themed sections including puppies, cones of shame, working dogs and dogs in fancy outfits.  Included in the sections are stories of the dogs and how the author met them.  There also the Dogist's ten commandments of dog photography which includes getting down to the dog's level, have something the dog wants like a treat or toy, underexpose for black dogs and reward the dog's efforts with a treat or a pat.

There are a wide range of dogs and the photographs are beautiful.  Here are some examples ...

The Dogist has created the Give a Dog a Bone program to help:

  • Get dogs out of shelters 
  • Improve dog’s quality of life in shelters 
  • Support and promote organizations that shelter dogs (a portion of proceeds goes directly to the featured shelter) 

The program is a bit like “Secret Santa” for dogs. By purchasing a bone ($50-$100), The Dogist will personally deliver a rawhide bone to a dog in a shelter and post a photograph of the dog with their new bone to The Dogist blog, citing the donor.

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