Sunday 27 September 2015

Toronto Blue Jays 5, Tampa Bay Rays 5, Rogers Centre, Toronto, ON

Today was the Blue Jays' last home game of the season.  It was sold out (as have the last 15+ games) ... it's a good thing that Gord and I bought our tickets for it a couple months ago!

The names of the Jays' players are on the sidewalk outside the Rogers Centre.

We got there a bit early (as did most attendees as they were giving away hoodies ... they ran out about five minutes after the doors opened so we didn't get one).  We watched the players stretch and get ready for the game.

Here are Gord and I with our "rally towels".

Here are the starting pitchers ...

Here are the starting Jays players.

Douglas Tranquado sang the national anthems.

The game began with Mark Buehrle pitching.

Our seats were in the 100 level, near third base.

We had a great view of the CN Tower.

Lots were doing the EdgeWalk

The hotel rooms that over look the field were full.

Ace worked the crowd.

There are condos surrounding the Rogers Centre ... this guy was cheering from one of the balconies.

The Flight Deck was jammed.

The prize for the 50/50 draw was over $42,000!  OMG!

Alas, we weren't even close.

The Jays broke attendance records this year (I went to four games and Gord went to seven games).

The score was 4 - 4 at middle of the ninth inning.  Eeek!  Josh Donaldson hit a walk-off home run and the Jays won.  Yay!  The Jays have already won a spot in the playoffs ... they are first in the Eastern Division and want to hang onto that.

It was quite an exciting game.  Go Jays, go!

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Teresa said...

Perfect day for the game.