Monday 7 September 2015

Apex, Iqaluit, Nunavut

This morning I drove to Apex, which is about 5km SE of Iqaluit.

Apex was the place where most Inuit lived when Iqaluit was a military site and off-limits to anyone not working at the base.

I took a right down a road to the beach.  It was 5C (3C with the windchill) so I'm glad I had my hoodie and a jacket.

I walked out to the big piece of ice
Doesn't every beach have a big piece of ice in September?!
How big?  Bigger than me!

I headed back up the road toward Apex.

I drove down a road that took me close to the water on the other side of Apex.

I stopped at the new Municipal Cemetery.

I drove to Apex Hill and walked to the top.  The views were spectacular!

Money, pens, flowers, etc. were left at this memorial
Looking towards Iqaluit

This is looking across the way at Apex ...

There's the hill I was on top of on the right (in the foreground)

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