Monday 12 January 2015

Book ~ "Photographing Families: Tips for Capturing Timeless Images" (2013) Michele Celentano

From Goodreads ~ Create family portraits to cherish for a lifetime 

 Family photographs are a staple of both amateur and professional photography. While always in demand, they also pose a unique set of challenges. In this book, Canon Explorer of Light Michele Celentano guides beginning- to intermediate-level photographers around the common pitfalls and helps them learn how to get top-quality shots every time. From getting families organized and directing the posing to managing large groups and impatient kids, this book reveals the secrets and helps you capture the shot without relying on post-production to achieve perfection. 

 Whether you're a professional seeking to advance your knowledge or the family's designated picture-taker, you'll benefit from these professional tips. You'll learn camera techniques that can take pounds and years off your subjects and create images that stand the test of time.Family pictures are a photographic staple with their own set of challenges; this book offers tried-and-true advice for both hobbyists and professionals Veteran photographer and Canon Explorer of Light Michele Celentano guides you through getting families prepared for a photo session, directing the poses, handling challenging personalities, and creating memorable settingsHelps you capture the perfect shot in the camera without relying on post-production to make it rightReveals secrets that can help your subjects shed pounds and years Packed with advice to help you keep your photos from showing up on 

"Photographing Families: Tips for Capturing Timeless Images" is loaded with insider tips to help you make family portraits the treasure they should be. 

I have three cameras ... a Canon point-and-shoot that is usually in my purse, a Nikon D5100 DSLR along with some lenses, and a Nikon CoolPix (that's in between the two). Needless to say, I take a lot of pictures. I'm still an amateur and like reading photography books to see what professionals take pictures of and how they do it.

The content of book includes:
  • Getting started with family portraits - determining your portrait style and choosing the right equipment
  • Getting it right in the camera - exposure compensation, metering, exposure, depth of field, etc.
  • Finding the best locations - finding the perfect light and choosing locations
  • Understanding your client - working with children, pets, mom, dads, blended families, large family groups, and elderly subjects
  • The art of posing
  • Building a profitable family portrait business
  • Selling your portraits
  • Postproduction
  • All wrapped up - packaging, framing, delivery and customer service

I liked the way the author had set up this book.  She would talk about something and then show pictures of examples of what not to do along with what to do ... like not having everyone's head in a line, having the smallest person in the front, put someone in front of mom so she feels like you're hiding her imperfections, etc.

Here are some examples of her photographs that were in the book ...

I enjoyed this book and would recommend it.  While I was less interested in the business aspect of the book (the last chapters), I imagine they would be helpful for photographers looking to get into the business.

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