Thursday 29 January 2015

ALT Hotel - Montréal Griffintown, Montréal, QC

The company I work for had its annual sales conference this week in Montreal.  I stayed at the ALT Hotel in Griffintown from Monday evening 'til this morning.

Here was the lobby ...

Here was my room ... it was funky.

There was no dresser ... there was a drawer under the bed
The bed was really comfy!
To the left of the bed was a frosted window looking into the shower ...
not so good if you want privacy in the shower

Here was the bathroom ...

The left wall of the shower was the frosted window bordering the bathroom
I found the water never got hot enough in the shower
I've never seen a bathroom with a bench before

Here was the view from my room ...

Monday afternoon
Monday night
Tuesday evening

My room was $154 (plus taxes) per night.  There was no mini fridge or microwave oven in the room.  The staff was friendly.  There are a couple restaurants attached to the hotel.  It's a bit of a walk to the downtown core as the hotel is in a newly developed area of Montreal.

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Masshole Mommy said...

I always get bummed when there is no mini fridge in the room LOL.