Sunday 25 January 2015

Book ~ "Full Tilt" (2015) Rick Mofina

From Goodreads ~ Deep in the woods of upstate New York a woman flees a blazing barn. She is burned beyond recognition and her dying words point police to a labyrinth of "confinement rooms" - rooms designed to hold human beings captive - where they make other chilling discoveries. 

In Manhattan, Kate Page, a single mom and reporter with a newswire service, receives a heart-stopping call from a detective on the case. A guardian angel charm found at the scene fits the description of the one belonging to Kate's sister, Vanessa, who washed away after a car crash in a mountain river twenty years ago. 

Kate has spent much of her life searching for the truth behind her little sister's disappearance. Now, a manhunt for a killer who's kept a collection of victims prisoner for years without detection becomes her final chance to either mourn Vanessa's death - or save her life. 

A woman is found running out of a burning barn.  Though she dies of her injuries, her last words were that there were others.  As the barn is searched, the burned body of a man is found along with a suicide note in a nearby truck.

Kate is a reporter for an online service.  Twenty years ago, she was the sole survivor of a car accident that claimed the lives of her foster parents and her younger sister.  Her sister's body, though, was never found and Kate never gave up the hope that Vanessa was still alive.  She is contacted by the police because a charm matching the description of the one Vanessa was wearing when she died is found in the barn fire.  This leads Kate to pursue this story from a professional level but more importantly from a personal level.  Is her sister alive after all these years?  If not, how did her sister's charm end up in the fire?

This is the fourth book I've read by this author and I thought it was okay.  It was written in third person perspective with the focus bouncing around depending on what was going on.  Though it was an interesting story, I found at times the writing could have been tighter.  It was a bit farfetched in some of the storylines but I just went with it.  I found it amazing how much Kate was able to uncover about the killer's past and identity that the various police agencies didn't (thank goodness she was involved!).

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