Wednesday 10 December 2014

Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Milton, ON

I had five seminars to conduct today in Milton and the first one was at 6am so I had to be at the client site at 5:30am.  Because it was so early (and I'm so not a morning person), I headed to Milton last evening and spent the night at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites (401/Highway 25).

Here is the lobby and reception area.

Here was my room ...

My bed was comfy

My room had a mini refrigerator and microwave and coffee station.  A continental breakfast was complimentary (from 6:30am to 9:30am) as was parking and WIFI (WIFI was REALLY slow, though).  I found my room was cold (it was freezing when I went in the first time) and I couldn't get it warm ... the highest the thermostat went to was 23.5C and it didn't seem that warm.  The walls are thin ... I can hear the conversation and laughter from the room next door. 

There isn't a restaurant in the hotel.  There are restaurants nearby but none are close enough (other than the Tim Horton's) that you can walk to them.


Masshole Mommy said...

I was in a hotel in NYC last month and the walls were so thin that it actually sounded like the people next door were in my room. I was pissed when they came in one night at midnight and woke me up.

Teresa said...

Travelling is very over-rated. People think you are on vacation. But there tends to be a large suck factor about it all. At least you missed the big snowstorm. Safe travels.

Susan Demeter said...

Drag about the restaurants but otherwise looks ok. :)