Friday 28 November 2014

Retro Suites Hotel, Chatham, ON

I spent the last couple days in Chatham (three hours from Toronto) doing client seminars and stayed at the Retro Suites Hotel Wednesday and last night.  I stayed here in April 2013 and liked it.

The Retro Suites Hotel combines historic elements of the King William Block with modern amenities, providing an unparalleled experience for guests to the region.

The buildings that encompass the Retro Suites Hotel have undergone a series of renovations, with an emphasis placed on preserving their original character and architecture.The Block has some of the finest examples of Victorian architecture in the city. T.J. Rutley designed the George Stephens hardware store in the 1888. The store featured a glass façade — the largest windowpane in Chatham at the time. The Chatham Tri-Weekly noted in its newspaper that “…Mr. Stephens is to be congratulated upon the enterprise and success.”

Later, the building housed Zink Hardware. The entrance faced the market square, where Chatham-area residents purchased their fruit, vegetables and meat products from local vendors. Today, the Stephens’ building has been painstakingly restored and now features the hotel’s hospitality suites.

The staircase, in the hotel’s lobby, dates back to 1895, when it was a part of the Merrill Hotel. The terrazzo floors and tin ceilings, along with the contemporary art and furnishings, give the Retro Suites Hotel its unique appeal. 

Here's the lobby area ...

The reception
As you come in the door
Looking down into the lobby
The lobby

There was lots to see!  There are funky sitting areas scattered around the hotel including the hallways.

The suites all have themes.  The last time I stayed in The Blast ... this time I stayed in The Garden, which was a huge room with shag carpeting.

The door to the Juliet balcony didn't lock so I pushed the couch against it
A king bed all for me ... it was comfy!
There was a microwave and mini fridge
Popcorn ... yum!

The bathroom was huge and had a deep deep tub which I used both nights.

Peach bubble bath

There were lots of complimentary amenities including parking, WIFI (it was fast), breakfast, popcorn and bottled water.

As a head's up, though this room is on the third floor, you take the elevator to the second floor and then you have to walk up 16 steps.  Not a big deal except I had a suitcase, laptop bag, purse and projector.

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Masshole Mommy said...

I love all their decorations! It looks like a cute, cozy place to stay!!