Sunday 30 November 2014

D'Arcy McGee's, Ottawa, ON

I had supper tonight at D'Arcy McGee's on Sparks Street.

I'd spent most of my day on the train and was starving.  I started with Shepherd's Pie Mini Yorkies.  I'd had them a couple months ago at their sister restaurant in Toronto, Fionn MacCool's, and liked them.  They were good but they weren't hot ... they were barely warm.

I also ordered Ma's Crispy Chicken (without the slaw).  It too was barely warm but the creamed corn was hot.  I found the chicken and potatoes really salty.  Plus for the cost ($15), the two chicken pieces were small.  One was a breast and other was ... maybe a thigh?  It was a weird chewy piece of meat.  I wouldn't order this again.

Dale was my server and he took good care of me.

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