Wednesday 26 November 2014

Chilled Cork, Chatham, ON

I had supper tonight at the Chilled Cork in Chatham.  I'd been here in April 2013 and liked it.

I ordered the pork chop special with tomato scalloped potatoes.

Brittanie, my server, started me with yummy rolls and butter.

A starter also came with the meal, either soup or salad.  I chose the Mexican chicken and rice soup.

It was hearty and delicious!

Though I'd asked for no veggies or mushrooms, the meal came with both so I scraped them to the side.

The pork chop was very good!
I love scalloped potatoes and have never had them with tomatoes.
These weren't scalloped potatoes as there was no cream.
They were roasted potatoes with tomato sauce on top and
weren't very good :(

I was craving something sweet so ordered the warm chocolate cake.

It was yummy!

Brittanie and the other server took good care of me.

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