Thursday 6 November 2014

Book ~ "The Smoothies Bible" (2010) Pat Crocker

From Goodreads ~ Smoothies are a fast, easy and great-tasting way to achieve good health.

Home cooks can now introduce even more antioxidant fruits and vegetables into their daily routine. "The Smoothies Bible" makes it easy. More than 400 healthy smoothie recipes that include fruit smoothies like flu fighter #1 and berry bonanza to mango madness and nectar of the gods. Get a daily dose of vegetables with peppered beet, squash special, zippy tomato or gazpacho smoothies. More than 100 fully illustrated profiles of fruits, vegetables and herbs. 80 common health concerns matched with healing smoothies.

Gord and I have a Nutribullet and we use it every day for our morning smoothies ... I put almond milk, frozen berries, powdered greens, baby spinach, fish oil and protein powder in mine.

The chapters are:
  • Introduction - types of smoothies, smoothies as part of a healthy diet, tips for making smoothies, benefits of smoothies and equipment
  • Healthy body systems - features information on the seven major body systems as well as diet and lifestyle changes that will help keep these systems working as well as they can
  • Health conditions - what to maximize and eliminate, healing foods and healing smoothies for a variety of conditions
  • Healthy foods - fruits, veggies, herbs and other ingredients
  • Recipes - smoothies with fruit, veggies, healing herbs, dairy, dairy alternatives, hot and frozen, and dessert and cocktails

  • Endnotes - includes a glossary, bibliography, sources and appendices (food allergies and food combining)

There are a lot of delicious recipes that I'm going to try and the pictures make them even more tempting!

If you have a blender and you want some ideas for some healthy smoothies, you'll want to get this book.

I received a copy of this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review. 

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Susan Demeter said...

Sounds delicious! We had pumpkin smoothies as part of our family Thanksgiving dinner. I enjoy smoothies, so would definitely enjoy the book. Just thought I'd pop by as I took a break from blogging. I'm back now. Rebranded the blog and changed things a bit :)