Thursday 4 September 2014

Westin Hotel, Montreal, QC

I was in Montreal for a few days for meetings ... the company I work for is based here.

I stayed at the Westin Hotel Tuesday and last night, near Old Montreal.  I've stayed there a few times before and like it.

Notice the bluish square on the ceiling?  It's the glass-bottom pool.  No one was swimming by when I took this picture.

Here's my room ...

A comfy king bed ... all for me!

Here's the bathroom ...

There's no tub but the shower stall is huge ... you could probably jam 16 of me in it (yes, I did the figuring this morning)!  Good thing there is a double shower head!

I like this hotel because it's fairly new. WIFI is free and as is a small bottle of bottle or water.  There is no mini fridge.  The air conditioning worked really well.  I didn't have a great view ... just of a brick wall about ten feet away.

It's a quick walk to the shops and restaurants on Rue St. Catharine or to Old Montreal.


Masshole Mommy said...

I stayed at a Westin once and the one I stayed at was really nice, too!

Teresa said...

It's a great location, very busy during the festival season.