Tuesday 15 January 2013

Creekside Pub & Brewery, Regina, SK

My pal, Shawna, moved back to Regina (from Toronto) in July ... this is where she is from and her family is here.

We got together tonight.  She gave me a tour of the downtown core and then we went to Creekside Pub & Brewery for supper.  It's a cute relaxing pub.

I had a pint of the Original 16 by Great Western Brewing Company ... it was tasty!

Shawna had a bacon cheese burger and lager fries.  Her burger looked amazing!

Jen, our server, took good care of us.  She said the pizzas are "killer" so I ordered a small meat lovers (salami, ham, pepperoni, ground beef, bacon and mozzarella cheese).

It was good and I can't believe I'm saving this but there was too much meat on it.

This was all the meat on just one small slice!

It was filling and I left a lot of it.

Here are me and Shawna ...

It was great to see Shawna and catch up!

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MonicaH said...

So nice you two could meet up and have dinner. The food there looks crazy delicious. Hi Shawna.

Teresa said...

Sure is nice you got to see each. Yeah that's way too much meat on the pizza.