Saturday 11 February 2012

Snow day

We woke up to -13C (-20C with the windchill) and some snow this morning.

We have been having an extraordinary winter this year ... it's been fairly mild and hardly any snow.

There is still a light snow falling ... should be interesting to see what it amounts to.


highheeledlife said...

We woke up this morning to much of the same ... I know we can't complain considering the unusual mild temps and overall weather, for this time of year ... BUT I'm ready for spring! HHL

Way Out Wear said...

I saw that in your forecast and wondered how bad it would get. How are you doing in it? That's nothing for your area, right? We're finally back to the double digits for the temperatures - thank goodness, we're such wimps!

Suburban Princess said...

Ugh we got a ton of snow out here! I am sposed to be going out tonight and seriously dont want to now.

Nancy said...

Snow is wonderful when your husband shovels... we had great time toboganning today!... but now it can go away again.