Tuesday 7 February 2012

Having fun at work

I work for a company that is based in Quebec. We have three marketing people in Toronto, with the majority of them in Montreal.

It was their manager's birthday today (happy birthday, Maryse!) and they wanted to send her a special message.

I sit near the boardroom where they had written Maryse a message and asked me to take some pictures of them they could send to her. So I did.

Then Janice started doodling on the white board.

Guess who she drew first? (Hint: me!).

Here she is in action drawing Serge.

Then she drew Larissa.

Then she drew herself.



Isabel said...

That's awesome. Love her doodles.

Teresa said...

She's got talent! Great doodles.

Nancy said...

Wow... Janice is an excellent artist! Your place of work seems like so much fun!

BetteJo said...

Wow! She's good!