Sunday 12 February 2012

The Fox, Toronto, ON

After the Raptors' game, Gord and I checked out the Fox (Bay/Queens Quay), which is across the street from the ACC. It's fairly new, on the ground floor of a condo building and we'd never been there.

It seems like a friendly place.

The owner has another restaurant, the Miller Tavern, right next door to the Fox. He also owns the Miller Tavern (formerly the Jolly Miller).

Our server took good care of us and was friendly.

Can you tell where the bathroom is?!

The fire alarm in the building went off for about a half hour and despite the fact that the fire department sent a couple trucks, we weren't asked to leave. Apparently a pipe had burst somewhere in the building.

We liked The Fox and would go back for a drink and maybe a bite to eat sometime again.

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