Wednesday 15 February 2012

Nikon Coolpix S8200

I'd bought a Canon PowerShot SX120 IS in September 2009.

I loved it and used it a lot ... it was always in my purse/knapsack. It's traveled with me all over the country.

In November 2010, the flash stopped working so I'd taken it to Future Shop to have it repaired. I'd bought a four year warranty ($70) from them so it was covered. I rarely buy warranties but am glad I did this time.

While we were in Bermuda at the beginning of January, the flash stopped working again. I stopped off at Future Shop last night after the movie to drop it off to be repaired. I was advised then that Canon's policy is that it's not worth their while to repair it so instead they'll replace it with the latest model ... if it was a higher price, I'd just have to pay the difference.

Huh? Um ... okay.

They have the updated camera and now it has a 12x zoom (mine had a 10x zoom). I'd paid $280 for my camera in 2009 and the latest model is $240 so I wouldn't have to pay any extra $$.

I asked if I could get a different camera instead. No problem!

If it was a more expensive camera, they would credit me the $240 towards it.


The Nikon Coolpix S8200 caught my eye. It's on sale 'til tomorrow for $240 (regularly $280) and has a 14x zoom. Seemed like a better deal to me. When I talked to the sales guy about it last night, he said it was a much better camera than the Canon.

I stopped in at Future Shop today and did the exchange. The sales guy I talked with today said it was a cooler camera than the Canon. And I didn't have to buy a new memory card because the one from my Canon will work. Yay! So all I bought was a three year warranty and extra battery.

Interesting and exciting turn of events!

Update:  This camera stopped working on January 1, 2013, on top of Mont Tremblant ... too cold, I guess.


Isabel said...

Ooo nice camera!!! Great deal too.

Teresa said...

I'm always skeptically about these extended insurance offers. Glad it worked out for you. Enjoy the new camera.

Zoey Castelino said...

I've always used Canon and never had a problem with it, but it certainly sounds as if you got a sweet deal on your new camera! Looking forward to seeing some new pictures :)

Fizzgig said...

nice camera! i wish i were smart enough to use such a sophisticated one, i love taking pictures, but lack the knowledge!!

dawn said...

I'm a Nikon lover through and through. The picture quality Nikon's produce is like nothing I've ever seen before. Enjoy your new camera :)

Way Out Wear said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you will enjoy it

Adaptable Kay said...

Oh wow! What a lucky lady you are to have had that kind of a deal!!

Personally when I went shopping for cameras, I was not a fan of the Nikon Coolpix at all, but hopefully you'll love it! :)

Congrats on your brand new techy family addition! Lol