Saturday, 19 March 2011

White Spot, Burnaby, BC

We picked up Sam, Leanne's husband, and went to the White Spot in Burnaby (they live in Burnaby) for supper.

I hadn't eaten since 9am Toronto time (6am Vancouver time) and was STARVING!

I had the Legendary Buger (traditional 6 ounce beef burger with their signature Triple “O” sauce and tomato) and fries ... yum!

I'm not a fan of cole slaw so put it on a saucer.

I had the Hot Fudge Brownie (chocolate fudge brownie topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and triple thick hot fudge sauce) for dessert.

It was okay ... I ate it all!

Here are Leanne, Sam, Marron and Shirley when we left.

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Tina said...

too much food here for me to look at on your front page at 11.18am before my dinner hee hee