Sunday, 20 March 2011

Mickie's Pub, Kelowna, BC

Time for supper and I didn't want to go too far ... so I went to Micki's Pub since it was within walking distance of my hotel.

The layout of the pub is cool because there are smaller spaces on different levels.

I felt like pub grub so ordered a pound of hot wings and and a side order of fries.

The wings were small but there were a lot of them ... I'd rather have less of them and have them bigger since they tend to be juicier. There were a lot of carrots. Had I known the wing dish was so big, I wouldn't have ordered the fries (I left most of them).

After I ate, I moved to another table that had a big armchair so I could read, sip my beer and be comfy cozy.

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Teresa said...

Happy travels, enjoy your time in BC.

Tina said...

yummy yummy. and yes there are a lot of carrots ha ha