Monday, 21 March 2011

Milestone's Grill & Bar, Kelowna, BC

I didn't feel like pub grub or fast food for supper tonight so went to the Milestones near my hotel.

It wasn't overly busy yet I had to wait awhile until someone brought me a menu and took my drink order.

I was at a table for two and the other side of the table was dirty ... someone must have had a glass of red wine before me. My server, though nice, didn't clean it ... I guess he didn't notice. Since it was on the other side of the table, I let it go.

Looking at the menu, the prime rib caught my eye. I passed on the veggies so they gave me extra garlic mashed potatoes.

The steak was good but really fatty. I know prime rib is supposed to have some fat but about a third of it was big fatty fat (covered by au jus) that I cut off and pushed to the side.

My server dropped off a steak knife and a couple forks and knife wrapped in a napkin. The knife had something green and dried up on it. Yuck! I didn't need it to put it on the other side of the table, on top of the wine stains. I gave the rest of my cutlery a good cleaning.

As I was eating, not once did my server come over to see how everything was. When I was finished, my plate sat on the table for a while before he came and took it away. I pointed out the crusty knife and he came back with a coupon for free appetizers ... which can only be used in Kelowna.

So not a great experience. Given the calibre of Milestones, I'm surprised at the lack of service, crusty silverware and fatty prime rib.

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Way Out Wear said...

Oh that sucks! Give those coupons to a nice employee at the hotel... pay it forward I guess is all you can do isn't it?

Sorry your dinner didn't go so well

Teena in Toronto said...

I left the coupon behind since I couldn't use it and don't know anyone to give it to.

Tina said...

oh no it ruins your eating experience doesent it when meat is covered in fat :(

Suburban Princess said...

I've only ever been to Milestones in the Toronto area and love it!

You should contact their head office and give them the link to your blog.

Not saying anything about the messy table means that's the standard they have to uphold. If no one ever complains then all we get is shitty service. So typically Canadian.