Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Book ~ "And Then There Were None" (1939) Agatha Christie

From Wikipedia ~ Eight people of different social classes have been invited to a mansion on the fictional Indian Island, which is based upon Burgh Island off the coast of Devon. Upon arriving, they are told that their hosts, a Mr. and Mrs. U.N. Owen (Ulick Norman Owen and Una Nancy Owen ), are currently away, but that the guests will be attended to by Thomas and Ethel Rogers. Each guest finds in his or her room an odd bit of bric-a-brac and a framed copy of the nursery rhyme "Ten Little Indians" hanging on the wall.

Before dinner that evening, the guests notice ten Indian figurines on the dining room table. During the meal, a gramophone record plays, accusing each of the ten of murder. Each guest acknowledges an awareness of (and, in some cases, involvement with) the deaths of the persons mentioned but denies either malice and/or legal culpability.

The guests realize they have been tricked into coming to the island but find that they cannot leave; the boat which regularly delivers supplies has stopped arriving. They are murdered one by one, each murder paralleling a verse of the nursery rhyme, with one of the ten figurines being removed after each murder.

With my love of mysteries, would you believe that I've never read an Agatha Christie novel?!

I have And Then There Were None on my Kobo. I had a four hour flight from Kelowna to Toronto ahead of me today so thought I'd check it out.

I started reading it at the airport. To be honest, I knew it had been written many many years ago and I wasn't expecting to like it as I figured it would be dated (the writing and the plot). But I was surprised to discover that I got sucked into it right away. I finished the last few pages in the limo from the airport to home.

I enjoyed it. I was quite puzzled at the end and didn't know "who dunnit". When all was revealed, I bought it.

I'll be checking out more of her novels.


MonicaH said...

I read that book a long time ago. I think I was 12 or 13 but I could not put it down. I loved it and still remember that reading experience to this day. It's still one of my all time fav books. - Monica

Cindy said...

I love mysteries and I haven't read any of Agatha Christie's novels, either.
I read through your posts about your trip to BC, I love White Spot's burgers, too.
Have a great day.
Hugs, Cindy