Sunday, 20 March 2011

Kelowna, BC

I am conducting three enrolment seminars tomorrow in Kelowna and flew in this afternoon from Vancouver.

The car rental agency gave me a hybrid car. It's more complicated than driving a regular car. You have to put the square thing that acts as the key in a slot. Then you press on the brake and hit the big round "power" button" next to the steering wheel to get it going. When you want to shift gears, you press on the brake and hit the rectangular "P" button and shift with the little knob just below it.

I practiced a few times before I pulled out of the lot!

It was a lovely drive to my hotel as the mountains were on my left.

And here's my hotel room ... two beds just for me!

Since Gord loves blogging about different beer, I always bring him back beer when I go away. I went to Liquor Town and got him some local beer.

In Ontario, we are governed by the LCBO (Liquor Licensing Board of Ontario) ... Ontario doesn't allow such independent liquor stores.


Sarah said...

That car must have been interesting to drive!

Tina said...

that car sounds far too complicated for me! go u!