Thursday, July 30, 2009


That should be writer of instruction manuals.

Not an overly exciting day but a productive one.

I spent most of it writing a 2007 Microsoft Office conversion manual for a client.

I was in a zone and got it done. Yay!

Then I sent out my July invoices.

The vet called this afternoon with the result of KC's poo analysis ... no parasites. Yay!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I taught Excel Functions today.

It's the first time I'd taught it so I prepped yesterday.

I'm always a bit nervous when I have to teach something new.

I don't use functions a lot (just the basics like AUTOSUM) ... I rarely put together IF statements.

But I was psyched and confident ...

... until I discovered during class that the exercise files hadn't been loaded onto my computer by the last instructor (the last instructor sets up for the next instructor).

And I couldn't find them on the server either.

So I copied them from one of my trainees' computer.

Then I discovered that some of the files were missing ... so I improvised.

Then I discovered that the files that were there were wrong ... so I improvised.

I sent out an email to my boss asking her to email the files to me ASAP ... they arrived at lunch time.

After lunch, we had to go back and redo all the exercises.

The class was supposed to end at 4:00 so at 3:45, I started quickly went over what we wouldn't have time to cover and suggested the trainees email the files to themselves and do them at home.

Usually trainees are dying to get out the door ASAP.

Not these ones ... they wanted to go over the exercises no matter how long it took.

Um ... okay.

I get paid by the day so am there 'til the end.

They left at 4:30ish and I set up for the next class.

I've gotta say I'm pretty good at doing functions now, though.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book ~ "Finger Lickin Fifteen" (2009) Janet Evanovich

From Amazon ~ Bestseller Evanovich recycles tired themes better executed in earlier adventures in her latest Stephanie Plum adventure. When Lula inadvertently witnesses the beheading of culinary TV star Stanley Chipotle in a Trenton, NJ, alley, Stephanie's on-again off-again boyfriend, cop Joe Morelli, reluctantly takes the case. Lula, with the help of Grandma Mazur, enters the same barbequing competition Chipotle was in town to promote, hoping to lure the murderers out of hiding. Meanwhile, Ranger has recruited Stephanie to help solve a series of break-ins at properties under the protection of Rangeman Security. The inevitable sparks fly between Stephanie and Ranger, with Morelli grumbling on the sidelines. Evanovich dishes up her usual mixture of shoot-'em-up action (numerous cars explode) and quirky characters (notably a neighborhood flasher with a devoted following), but the lackluster plot will disappoint fans.

I look forward to the release of the latest Stephanie Plum book every June.

This latest one received a lot more negative reviews than positive ones. I had even hesitated to buy it.

But when I read these books, I don't expect much. They are an entertaining distraction.

Yes, the themes are being recycled but I like the characters and think they are a hoot.

What this the greatest novel every written? No.

Is this series getting tired? Maybe.

Did I enjoy it? Yes!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Gord took today off so we'd have a long weekend together.

KC hasn't been herself the last couple days. She hasn't really been pooing since Saturday and she's had blood in her pee since yesterday. So we took her to the vet this morning. We were able to get a pee sample while we were there that they analyzed but we couldn't get a poo sample 'til this evening (I'll drop it off tomorrow). The vet doesn't know what's wrong so put her on some mild medication. She has lots of energy and is eating ... I hope whatever's wrong passes soon.

I spent a couple hours working this afternoon on some courseware.

I had been given a bottle of Pol Roger Extra Cuvée De Réserve Champagne Brut 1999 at Christmastime and we opened it today.

Waaaaay more expensive than we usually buy ($84) and we savoured it!

Gord BBQed his Rum Runner Ribs for supper ... yum!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Burrito Boyz

We stopped at Smokeless Joe's for a couple drinks.

Then we headed to Burrito Boyz for supper.

They make the BEST chicken burritos ... here's mine:

They are sloppy and delicious!

Steam Whistle Brewing

After Gord and I got off the Mariposa Belle, we stopped in at Steam Whistle Brewing.

We had a couple free samples ... yay!

Mariposa Belle, Toronto, ON

Gord and I went on a brunch cruise on the Mariposa Belle today.

As we were heading the streetcar to go to the Harbour, it starting pouring rain. Pouring!!

We were soaked by the time we got there.

Here's Gord in front of the boat.

Here's looking out the window of the boat before we set sail ...

Then the rain stopped and the sun tried to come out.

We cruised around the Islands.

There were lots of planes landing at the Island Airport.

Here's Gord and I ...

Here's me at the end of the cruise ...

My crops

I have eight tomato plants ...

And only one has any sign of tomatoes.

I planted them late this year because it was so cold until June.

My next door neighbour has just one tomato plant and she has lots of tomatoes.

She is in Japan visiting her family. Would she notice if I switched plants? Hmmmm.

My chocolate mint is doing well, though.

Book ~ "Take Me Down" (2009) Sylvia Lett

From ~ After a single mother hires a sexy former Navy SEAL to keep her hotel chain secure, they both learn that love can be a very dangerous game.

I was looking for something light to read and thought this would do the trick.

Woman and man meet and feel attraction instantly ... man blackmails woman into marrying him with the threat that he would take her adopted daughter, who is actually his long lost daughter, from her ... they discover they are in love and settle in to live happily ever after ... until he gets a call that his best friend has been captured in Iran but it turns out to be a hoax by his other friends so they can hold him for ransom ... she loses their baby ... he escapes ... he can't forgive her cuz she can't forgive him ... he threatens to leave her ... they resolve their differences, have a baby, and live happily ever after.


It was a really dumb story with poor writing.

And I felt like correcting all the typos in the book ... doesn't she have a proofreader?

Happy anniversary to Gord and I!

Sarah, Teena, Gord and Ken
July 26, 2002 ~ 5:30pm

City Hall, Toronto, ON

Happy birthday to me!

47 years ago today ... at 2:12pm ... I made my arrival into the world at the Grace Maternity Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Here I am at my first birthday party!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Gord and I saw The Ugly Truth this afternoon.

Abby Richter is a romantically challenged morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left her hopelessly single. She's in for a rude awakening when her bosses team her with Mike Chadway, a hardcore TV personality who promises to spill the ugly truth on what makes men and women tick.

Neither of us was expecting award winning performances and we both thought it was a cute movie.

I was expecting a cute sweet movie ... it gets raunchy at times but in a funny way.

If you are looking for a light movie with a happy ending (oh oh, I gave it away), go see it!

Black Oak Brewing Company

You know how Gord loves beer?

We stopped in at Black Oak Brewing Company in Etobicoke this afternoon.

The president, Ken Woods, gave us a tour.

This is where it starts with the kettles that cook the beer ...

Then it goes to the tanks where the yeast is added, which produces the alcohol ...

Ken took us into the HUGE fridge ...

It was chilly in there ...

Then Ken let us taste three ... Pale Ale, Summer Saison and Nut Brown.

Gord bought two six packs of the Summer Saison.

If you are into beer and want to visit a microbrewery, you should check them out.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Remind me why we're doing this?

As of June, we have to pay 5 cents for every plastic bag that is bought in stores here in Ontario.

So do to our part, Gord and I bought the cloth grocery bags and now use them.

We used to use the plastic bags as garbage bags.

Now we have to buy garbage bags.

Garbage bags cost 5.4 cents.

The plastic bags are 5 cents.

So we are using the same amount of bags for garbage but it's costing us more.

Why are we going this again?


I got a call today that our car was ready ... Yay! I'd dropped it off at the garage on Tuesday.

Wayne suspects that Maya (our car) had been violated!

He figures that someone had tried to break into our car by pushing in where you manually unlock the door. But it didn't open so they moved on.

We have a parking spot in the lot (of about 100 cars) behind our condo property.

No idea when it was done because we never use the key to open the car door ... we use the clicker. I suspect it's been a while because remember when Maya held me hostage in May?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Gord was off work sick again today ... he went to the doctor first thing this morning and he has bronchitis.

I was feeling restless this afternoon so went for a walk to Kensington Market and back (about a 45 minute walk each way) while Gord snoozed.

Kensington Market is an eclectic neighbourhood with many different shops.

Here is a sampling along my walk ...

New and vintage clothing stores

Fruit and veggie markets

Cheese shops

Meat markets (European makes the best Italian sausages!)

Tom's Place is famous as a place to buy suits, etc. at lower prices


Fish markets

Apparently you can smoke weed at Roach-O-Rama

Dry goods like beans, nuts, etc.

Lots of restaurants

Work clothes


Tattoos and piercings

And so much more!!

If you come to Toronto, a visit to Kensington Market should definitely be on your list of things to see!