Sunday 26 July 2009

Book ~ "Take Me Down" (2009) Sylvia Lett

From ~ After a single mother hires a sexy former Navy SEAL to keep her hotel chain secure, they both learn that love can be a very dangerous game.

I was looking for something light to read and thought this would do the trick.

Woman and man meet and feel attraction instantly ... man blackmails woman into marrying him with the threat that he would take her adopted daughter, who is actually his long lost daughter, from her ... they discover they are in love and settle in to live happily ever after ... until he gets a call that his best friend has been captured in Iran but it turns out to be a hoax by his other friends so they can hold him for ransom ... she loses their baby ... he escapes ... he can't forgive her cuz she can't forgive him ... he threatens to leave her ... they resolve their differences, have a baby, and live happily ever after.


It was a really dumb story with poor writing.

And I felt like correcting all the typos in the book ... doesn't she have a proofreader?

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