Sunday, 26 July 2009

Mariposa Belle, Toronto, ON

Gord and I went on a brunch cruise on the Mariposa Belle today.

As we were heading the streetcar to go to the Harbour, it starting pouring rain. Pouring!!

We were soaked by the time we got there.

Here's Gord in front of the boat.

Here's looking out the window of the boat before we set sail ...

Then the rain stopped and the sun tried to come out.

We cruised around the Islands.

There were lots of planes landing at the Island Airport.

Here's Gord and I ...

Here's me at the end of the cruise ...


Lady Banana said...

Looks like a nice time, when the sun came out!

Wish we had some sun :(

LeeAnn said...

It was horrific day on our cruise..
we left at 1:00 and didn't get back
in until 6.

How was the brunch?

Teena in Toronto said...

LeeAnn: We looked for you.

Brunch was good ... scrambled eggs, home fries, French toast, sausages, bacon, roast, Caesar salad, rolls, muffins, fruit, etc.

Race said...

beautiful sceneries, great shot!

Tina said...

the weather ruins everything doesent it :( hope u had nice time anyway