Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Book ~ "Finger Lickin Fifteen" (2009) Janet Evanovich

From Amazon ~ Bestseller Evanovich recycles tired themes better executed in earlier adventures in her latest Stephanie Plum adventure. When Lula inadvertently witnesses the beheading of culinary TV star Stanley Chipotle in a Trenton, NJ, alley, Stephanie's on-again off-again boyfriend, cop Joe Morelli, reluctantly takes the case. Lula, with the help of Grandma Mazur, enters the same barbequing competition Chipotle was in town to promote, hoping to lure the murderers out of hiding. Meanwhile, Ranger has recruited Stephanie to help solve a series of break-ins at properties under the protection of Rangeman Security. The inevitable sparks fly between Stephanie and Ranger, with Morelli grumbling on the sidelines. Evanovich dishes up her usual mixture of shoot-'em-up action (numerous cars explode) and quirky characters (notably a neighborhood flasher with a devoted following), but the lackluster plot will disappoint fans.

I look forward to the release of the latest Stephanie Plum book every June.

This latest one received a lot more negative reviews than positive ones. I had even hesitated to buy it.

But when I read these books, I don't expect much. They are an entertaining distraction.

Yes, the themes are being recycled but I like the characters and think they are a hoot.

What this the greatest novel every written? No.

Is this series getting tired? Maybe.

Did I enjoy it? Yes!


Tatiana said...

I too enjoy the series without the expectations for them to be great literary works... :) They are nothing more than brain candy, fun and engaging. I think I stopped around number seven or so, and should pick them up again.

sitdevil said...

I love this series too, quick reads and very entertaining!

btw thanks for the blogaversary reminder!