Sunday 26 July 2009

My crops

I have eight tomato plants ...

And only one has any sign of tomatoes.

I planted them late this year because it was so cold until June.

My next door neighbour has just one tomato plant and she has lots of tomatoes.

She is in Japan visiting her family. Would she notice if I switched plants? Hmmmm.

My chocolate mint is doing well, though.


The Explorer said...

Don't try to do that!!!! c",)

anyway, have some patience and you will be surprise, you have a lot tomatoes.

thanks for visiting my blog. i really appreciate it.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

The mint looks really nice!
We hope the tomato plants will start producing soon.
~ Noah and The Bunch

Anya said...

All looks great and yummie ....

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)

Anonymous said...

My husbands tomato plants are doing good. He waters them twice a day religously and uses miracle grow on them once a week too. He tells me off for not watering the flowers in the front twice a day and says to me" how you expect them to live and be pretty if you dont water them twice a day" I thought he was talking crap but since actually watering them twice a day they are doing great. Oh and the sunflowers are so tall!. I am sure you will have tomatos soon. Squirrels keep on getting ours to!

...just-rambling... said...

I think your plants look great. My garden has been a little frustrating this year due to lack of sun, too much rain, and a few too many pests.

I see you have your mint in a container. Do you still need to trim it back, or does it control it's growth to the size of the container?

Tina said...

they are coming on great