Saturday 4 July 2009

Book ~ "Trigger City" (2009) Sean Chercover

It was so nice out this morning so I sat outside and finished this book.

From Amazon ~ When Isaac Richmond, a retired army colonel, asks Chicago PI Ray Dudgeon to look into his daughter's murder, Dudgeon, who's still recovering from the injuries he sustained in Big City, Bad Blood, reluctantly agrees to take the $50,000 case in this engrossing follow-up. Joan Richmond's death looks straightforward: a deranged co-worker, Steven Zhang, shot her in her home and then committed suicide. Never one to accept the simplest answer, Dudgeon starts digging and discovers that Joan's former employer was Hawk River, a military contract company under congressional investigation. Steve's widow soon reveals her husband's ties to China, and Dudgeon realizes that Joan's murder could lead back to both the Department of Homeland Security and some ruthless military contractors.

I enjoyed Big City, Bad Blood but it had been over a year since I'd read it so it took me a while to remember the background and characters.

It took me a couple chapters to get into this book ... I found it a bit cold.

And as a Canadian, I don't know all the agencies in the States so some of that didn't make sense.

But I eventually got into the story and enjoyed it.

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