Sunday, 27 December 2009

Book ~ "Confessions of a Carb Queen" (2007) Susan Blech and Caroline Boch

From Amazon ~ When her doctor told her she could suffer a stroke just by walking across the street, Susan Blech knew drastic action was called for. She was only 38 years old and the scale registered a life-threatening 468 pounds. Rejecting the idea of gastric bypass surgery, Susan relocated to Durham, North Carolina, giving up all that was familiar and $70,000 of her life savings to devote herself to losing weight and getting healthy on the famed Rice Diet. In Confessions of a Carb Queen, Susan Blech speaks candidly about topics no obese person has dared to address: fat sex, eating binges, the lies you tell others, and the lies you tell yourself. She explores the psychological component of overeating and the connection between her own binge eating and the aneurysm that left her mother brain-damaged and paralyzed when Susan was a toddler. Her gripping story - a blend of memoir, advice, and delicious, health-conscious recipes - is a testament to her personal strength and willpower, and will be an inspiration to all who read it.

My friend, Angie, had recommended this book last month. I like reading stuff like this so I checked it out.

It was good and I enjoyed it.

Susan's account was very honest ... too honest probably at times for some.

Susan moved to Durham to join the Rice Diet Clinic. She was there for more than two years. The program sounds extreme to me but you gotta do what you gotta do ... and you stick with what works.

I just read some reviews on Amazon and some readers condemned her for apparently gaining some weight back. That's life, folks. I've found that it's easier to lose weight than it is to keep it off.

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thanks for you comment, and good luck on your journey! you can do it!!

-jazzang (3FC)