Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Snow day

We had a storm warning here in Toronto today.

The news said to stay home ... so I did. I had taken my work laptop home yesterday in anticipation of the storm.

We did get some snow in downtown Toronto ... but mostly we got rain.

Here's our terrace and street about noontime.

It was slushy for a while and the snow is gone.

Do you have any snow?


Leeann said...

not up here it isn't..lots of
snow on the ground..and the pile
at the mall from the parking lots
was gigantic!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Amazing that they give the "STORM WATCH" Warnings. I know it can be very helpful, but sometimes they over do the whole thing....They do that here for Rain, Which we had yesterday. But, it was mostly a gentle and steady rain which was good....Sometimes we have no "Storm Watch Warnings and it pours down Heavily...They just don't seem to get it right very!

Isabel said...

No snow for us but it's soooo cold!

Teresa said...

Thats just a sprinkling....hope you had fun working from home.

Lord of the Wings said...

We had a good old fashion snow storm yesterday . . . still lots of snow today. Winter is here I guess.

Tatiana said...

We in Western Canada have been in a deep freeze with two epic blizzards in the last week. Parts of Calgary are shoveling six foot drifts from their cars, small roads are impassable, a fire killed five homes as the firefighters struggles through the streets; a FIFTY car pileup on the highway, and all the shoveling you could want. Yep, I'd say we got some.

Sarah said...

Ummmm....its not my blogoversary. Is it??

Laurie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you'll come back soon!

Diana said...

I am really really really hoping for snow this winter in London!

Open Roads Mama said...

they said it'll snow here on the West Coast, but we got less than Toronto (from looking at your pics)! So streets are definitely still drivable here :)

Tina said...

we havent had any snow as yet. we prob wont get for xmas. usually comes in jan or feb!!

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