Monday, 28 December 2009

Bingo bags

Gord and I spent this afternoon at bingo. We hadn't gone in a while.

The games basically haven't changed ... but there are some twists that have been added.

Like if you buy an extra strip for a couple of the games, you could win $5000 rather than $1000. Sounds good!

And they have a game where you pick eight numbers and, if all are called within 21 numbers, you could win almost $15,000. Sounds good!

One of the employees walking around selling the strips took good care of us! He explained everything. Plus he kept checking back us to make sure we were okay. I would have tipped him well had I won.

But alas, we didn't win ... we didn't even come close!

It can get ugly at bingo.

There was an old woman in a wheelchair sitting across from us at the next table. At one point, she yelled, "Slow down". It turns out she was playing the wrong game which had less cards (hence the quickness). Others around her started hissing at her, "Go home."

A bingo hall I used to go to at St. Clair/Bathurst years ago had a murder during a Sunday afternoon session. One of the employees who walk around selling extra strips got into a fight with a patron, flipped out and stabbed him in the throat! That bingo hall closed down ... there's a Salvation Army store there now.


Julie said...

Gotta love a near smack down at the bingo hall :)

Isabel said...

my sister will sometimes play bingo. She has fun but says the older people can get nasty.

Diana said...

That's one thing I have never been to, Bingo...

Tina said...

there is always someone that interupts the game! i havent been for a few years myself, but you made me want to again.

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