Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Do socks multiply like bunnies?

One of the things I wanted ... nay, needed ... to do was get my sock drawer under of control.

I've got the top three drawers and Gord has the bottom three. My socks are in the third drawer and were escaping into Gord's drawers below.

Here's the before situation.

First step was to dump them all onto the bed. Morgan has a sock fetish so was there in a flash.

Then I sorted them. Black socks in one pile ...

Non-black socks in another ...

I put together pairs and further sorted ... trouser socks, gym socks, fun colourful socks, etc. You can see how exhausting it was ... even the kitties were pooped!

Tah-da! The socks are once again sorted and drawer closes again.

It turns out I have 80 pairs of socks ... yes, 80! There were 24 pairs of black socks ... I must have some of Gord's mixed in there.

I only had three singles that I couldn't match up.

And the kitties are happy to get the bed to themselves again.


Lady Banana said...

Can you come and do mine now please?

We have a sock monster here though, I'm always finding odd socks..

Jééh said...

thank you very much, by the early congratulations and a Happy New Year to you too. ^^

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

The BIG MYSTERY! Where do socks disappear to?? Three that you couldn't match. Isn't it Amazing?
You do have a lot of socks...and the cats must really love that...!

RennyBA's Terella said...

Thanks! - I needed that tip (says my wife :lol:)

Jay said...

Wow, good job!
I too have a drawer of just socks and probably have about as many pairs, though I tend to wear the top 5 pairs over and over, I just keep washing them and putting them back on top and then picking them up and wearing them, and I never get to any underneath.

Tina said...

haha what a good little organizer you are mate!

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