Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Walk to the park

It was nice to wake up and see the sun shining after the dark rainy day we had yesterday.

KC, Nova and I walked over to Trinity Bellwood Park and back.



It's a busy day in the park!

KC and Nova

He was teaching her how to fence

There are plants that KC loves to munch on at the park.
She goes insane for them! Here she in mid-snack.

Does anyone know what they are?


Isabel said...

Looks like a nice day. Don't know what those plants are but looks like KC finds them tasty.

Unknown said...

I don't know what they are but they must be dog-safe if KC munches on the m all of the time.

What a gorgeous day!

Anonymous said...

I so want your dog.

Jodi_Lee said...

Fencing in the park...only in Toronto! LOL

Sara said...

It looks like creeping charlie. Its a kind of ground ivy, of the weed variety.
I have alot of it in my yard, your dog would go probably freak out! lol