Sunday, 4 November 2007

"Mid-Life!", Stage West, Toronto, ON

Gord and I saw Mid-Life: The Crisis Musical at Stage West this afternoon.

Three men and three women make up the cast of this wacky musical that takes a comic look at the “age old” conditions and situations faced in MID-LIFE! From reading glasses and mammograms to weekend warriors and proctology exams - all are lampooned with a Saturday Night Live non-sensibility. Everyone will relate to this hilarious and, at times, touching musical about the curiosities and inevitabilities of middle-age. If you bought some Gingko-Biloba but can’t remember where you put it - then you’re ready for MID-LIFE!

I enjoyed it, though Gord didn't. It's a musical made up of a bunch of skits (he prefers "stories").

There were lot more older people in the audience because of some bus tours and the buffet lines were slower (no offense to older people!).

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Anonymous said...

LoL - where you thinking of me when you saw it LoL

Thank you so very much for your visit and greetings on my Birthday post and also for your gift at FB! Sorry I haven't been around for a while, but have tons of greetings to reply on.

Thanks also for your vote on my Best European Blog nomination - your such a great blog friend!

Wishing you a great week Teena and say hello to Gord from me.