Wednesday, 28 November 2007


KC and I went for our long walk around the 'hood this morning. We've missed a few days because of the weather.

I'd found KC's sweater a couple days ago when I cleaned out my closet. Good thing because it's minus 7C! Brrrr!
We have a maple tree in front of our terrace. Nice tree ... until the leaves fall ... right onto our terrace! And then we track them into our place.

I swept the terrace last week and filled a big garbage bag full of leaves. And it was the same today.

Here is KC supervising (I was almost finished).


Ola said...

She is so very cute! And the sweater... oh my, just so adorable on her!
Big hi from the other coast! :)

Fleur de Lisa said...

Brr is right! I'm glad you found KC's sweater. My dog hates hers, but she gets so cold.

B said...

teena- I was thinking that when I finally move in- not in yet still painting etc...

we can meet once in awhile for a power walk- okay? sounds good!

I'll be your personal Jillian LOL

my favorite is Kim and I heard about that show from your blog and you got me obsessed with it :)

Have a great week

Isabel said...

That's a cute little sweater she's wearing. :)

TorAa said...

Lucky KC - with his sweater, he can inspect your out door activities;)