Saturday 31 March 2007

"The Rocky Horror Show", CanStage, Toronto, ON

While I was in my Ebusiness class this morning (only two more classes left ... yay!), Gord was in a fencing tournament. Though he came in 14 out of 17, he was happy with his performance.

After class, I met LeeAnn and some other Single Horizoners for lunch at the Hot House Cafe.

Then we headed off to see "The Rocky Horror Show", a CanStage production ... Gord met us there.

Dr. Frank N. Furter is a sweet transvestite. A naïve and prudish couple, Brad and Janet, have car trouble in the middle of Transylvania and end up as the special guests at his strange party. Cult figures, pop culture, crazy sing-a-long tunes – “Let’s do the time warp again!”

I love this movie! I've seen it tons of times!

We saw the play at Stage West in August 2005 and it was excellent!

So we were looking forward to see it again today.

This version wasn't that great. The stage itself is very large and there wasn't a lot of set (we've seen other plays there and it was the same so perhaps that's their style). There isn't a large cast either.

Frank N. Furter was more like a drag queen. He didn't have near the essence that Tim Curry brought to the movie or Gerrad Everard brought to Stage West's version. Gerrad was wasted here as Rocky.

Me, "Columbia" and Gord
Gord, "Columbia", Stephanie and I


Anonymous said...

My! What a lovely poncho! LOL
Next time I promise NO PONCHO...
I agree completely about RH, and funny I read a write up last night in the Post and it said the same thing about Frank n Furter...he is supposed to be larger than life...over the top..and while he had a decent voice the charisma just wasn't there..and the stage was tooo bare.
Looks like you had a great evening!
Cheque is in th email.

Teena in Toronto said...

LeeAnn: I wouldn't recognize you without your poncho :)

Thanks for organizing us yesterday :)