Saturday 3 March 2007

Happy birthday, Sister Sarah!

Today is my favourite sister's birthday!

Sister Sarah is 39 today and
is spending the weekend with us
(she lives in Halifax, NS)


marianne said...

Yours is the first pretzels I've seen! I thought everyone would do pretzels, nuts or the beach but I'm seeing a nice variety. They'll go great with the salty drink I posted. :)

Em said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! Enjoy her visit!

Unknown said...

Happy, happy birthday sister Sarah!

Anonymous said...

um, you two look alike, a lot alike :)

happy birthday to sister sarah. hope she's enjoying her time here :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Glad you made it to T.Dot and I hope that Teena and Gord spoil ya silly! ;)

Hope it's a great one.


Isabel said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Arlene said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah. What fun... I'm so glad you were able to make it. And, arriving just in time for the blog party... how lucky can you be??? :-)

Hi, Teena!!! Just wanted to stop by and say happy partying. Enjoy your time with Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Teena, you
guys REALLY look alike...and of course...both of you gorgeous. :x)

Have a great time - spoil & pamper the girls, Gord!

Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your sister!