Friday, 8 December 2006

Gord's Christmas Party

Gord's work Christmas party was tonight at the Savoy Bistro & Lounge. There were about 160 people.

Drinks were served for the first hour or so and then there was a buffet supper. It was kind of wacky, though, because it was hard to find a table to sit down and eat as there weren't many around. But we managed to find one.

Remember Platinum Blonde? They were a Canadian new wave band in the 1980s.

Platinum Blonde 1985-1987

Gord's company hired the bass player, Kenny MacLean, and his band, Rock Through the Ages, to play after supper for a couple hours. Kenny is second from the left in the picture above and in the middle in the picture below. And his hair still looks great!

They covered a variety of stuff by the likes of Led Zepplin, Violent Femmes, Abba, BeeGees, Beatles, Rolling Stones and lots more. They were surprisingly pretty good.

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Anonymous said...

You and Gord look so nice!