Sunday 31 December 2006

New Years Eve at the Old York

On our way home from the CN Tower, we stopped off for a couple drinks at the Old York Tavern, a pub in our 'hood (they have Toronto's second oldest liquor license).

There were a couple bands scheduled to play. We stayed for the first set of the first band, Joane McKell and the Paradise Riders. They played older country songs.


Arlene said...

You guys look adorable together...and, um, maybe a little drunk? ;-)

Teena in Toronto said...

Nope, not drunk. We'd only had a couple beer.

mister anchovy said...

Many years ago, back when paleolithic man wandered the earth, I used to go see her play at the old Pinetree was Joanne McKell and the Yahoos, I think, and sometimes Joanne McKell and Shelley Coopersmith.